An ongoing and soon evaluation of plant productivity builds for you, as an operator, the base to a trouble-free and efficient business.

Nowadays, an appropriate lab analysis of your samples can just be conducted by a professional analysis laboratory.

With atres OptiMIRS the samples can be examined on site within a few minutes. The liquid manure sample will be spread over the measuring crystal and immediately analyzed.

After the conclusion of measurements, the results are available to the relevant parameters (fatty acids, ammoniacal nitrogen etc.). The results will be released as a trend for a long-term observation of processes.

Advantages of atres OptiMIRS:

  • Rapid analysis results  on site
  • Immediate availability of data
  • Robust measurement tool
  • Easy instruction
  • Low-maintenance (over 5000 h measuring time)
  • No transmittal of samples to analysis laboratory necessary

How it works:

  1. Put a few millimeters of material to be examined on the clean measuring crystal. The measuring crystal ensures the measured mid infrared spectrums to be representative with its large measuring surface.
  2. With the usage of the Start-Button, infrared rays will be transferred through the measuring crystal. The spectrum of the infrared source will be characteristically changed through this sampling.
  3. After 90 seconds is the measurement completed and the user get informed by an acoustic signal. The results of the current measurement show up in the delivered Tablet-PC and can be exported comfortably.
  4. Biogas plants and points of withdrawal can use the installed software for illustrating all measuring results as trends. Therewith, they have always an eye on the development.

Delivery Contents

  • Measuring instrument atres OptiMIRS
  • Carrying case
  • Tablet-PC
  • Charger for the Tablet-PC and atres OptiMIRS
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Cleaning solution


  • Software installation and individual configuration
  • Regular update of calibration models
  • Provision of complete calibration models/software
  • Consulting

Additional Options

  • Preparation of customized calibrations models (f.e. new measuring parameter)
  • Instruction with the measuring instrument on site

Firmensitz & Probenannahme: Hansjakobstraße 127a, 81825 München